Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Re installing Windows Home Server

Ok, time to start the reinstallation of WHS (Windows Home Server) process.

From last time, I believe that Windows Home Server is particularly greedy.  Any (and by that I mean ALL) hard drives attached to the computer will be claimed by WHS.  It will potentially format all of the data.

[I will confirm this is the case when I get to this step.]

I believe there is an option to reinstall or new installation.  I plan to go with a new installation as I have previously hacked windows settings.  So in order to do this I need to back up onto a hard drive which I need to disconnect during installation.


To do this you need to remove a hard drive from the current pool used by WHS.  And it is not kidding when it says it can take hours!

This is a worry as this installation of WHS is restarting every hour! (due to expired trial licence)

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