Saturday, 31 January 2009

Getting WHS to work!

I don't know about you, but getting computers to connect to WHS (Windows Home Server) can be quite tricky.  In fact it has almost always been that my laptop (Running Vista Ultimate) would connect easily, but my wife's computer (Running XP) just would not play nice.

In the recent reinstallation (which took 3 attempts to get right!) I decided that enough was enough. I WAS GOING TO CONNECT ALL PCs!

It turns out that it was actually easy.  First thing, straight after installing WHS on the Server, Connect all of your PCs.  Don't let the server upgrade anything! (Well at least make sure you have the critical device drivers)

I understand that WHS is meant to be just that, a file storage/backup server.  But it is too hard for a developer to resist using the underlining windows server 2003.

So if you are having problems connecting your PCs, and, if like me, you had tried everything under the sun to connect another computer to WHS.  Try a reinstallation  (I recommend the New Installation) followed by quick connections of all of your PCs


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