Saturday, 31 January 2009

Patent Trolls

There are all sorts of people on the planet, some are better than others.  Others are Patent Trolls!troll

What is with these intellectual armed robbers?

Do they really just register any sort of fancy idea, of which they have no intention of actually making anything with.  And simply wait until some poor company (Poor? no actually they hope for rich ones!) to independently come up with the same idea.  AND Actually do something with it.

Simply wait around 5-6 years until other unsuspecting parties are also using 'Your' idea.  and then SUE SUE SUE!

Seriously, your idea?

But do you hate the player? or hate the Game?

I think the patent office needs to review how easily they are giving away the rights to 'idea' that basically are just common sense.

A plea to the companies being unjustly sued: Please fight! Don't settle out of court!  That is what is keeping this cycle turning!

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