Friday, 5 September 2008

Rare praise for Windows Vista

Can I just say... what is with the constant Vista bashing in the world at large?

I keep on coming across people (Non-IT people mainly) who flat out hate vista.  Most of whom have not even used it or even seen it running.  Is this just a reflection of the numerous articles on the web bagging it?

I have been using Vista Ultimate on my dell laptop since January this year and I have to say I'm very pleased with it.  This machine is my development platform so stability really is my number one priority in it's O/S.  Vista is remarkably stable. 

It seems that Microsoft is caught in an awkward transition from previous security woeful XP into Vista.  People all know that XP has been heavily targeted by virus and had streams of security patches.  And yet they expect that they can just port all of their old programs over onto this new platform?  Windows has had a history of being over backwards in ways that Apple never has had to do in order to accommodate compatibility with ancient product lines.  I think people should have some cost in order to bring a new level of security and stability to their O/S platform. 

In this case that means deciding what is worth more to them: Stability and security? or extensive backwards software compatibility?

Is this the only choice? well no... you can always install a Virtual machine and install your old O/S on top of vista. 

Me personally, I couldn't go back to XP.

Can you remember your last 'blue screen of death?'

I can't say that I have had more than two in the last 8 months.  Now that is a real change from my previous years of experience on the windows platform.

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