Friday, 26 September 2008

IE8 CSS 'Active' hover not working

I'm creating a new web-site layout for my company.  We are targeting the latest most standard compliant browsers (IE7 be damned)...

Anyway.  Has anyone else noticed that the CSS action "Active" doesn't work anymore?  It does in FF, Chrome and IE7 compatible mode of IE8.

What happened to here?


James Hopkins said...

Is there some code we can see?

Anonymous said...

I do know of a way to get :hover working in IE7, I woudnt be surprised if this does the trick for IE8 also, or it might in the future.

I checked the file, the code is beyond me but it works fine.


Anonymous said...

on the site it works (mainnavi)

and it works also for changing the color etc.

maybe there is a problem with interleaving elements
-> #navi li a:active span { }

Luneya said...

I realise it's been some time since this last post.

I just checked the Apple website. Their main nav works with a:active in FF but not in IE8. I also noticed they used javascript. The CSS doesn't do very much.