Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Copying Files remotely

Today I commenced migrating to our new web-server.  Everything was going well when I stumbled across an Error when copying files via FTP onto the new machine.

I connected via Remote Desktop, and had opened up a new 'Network Places' location, this is a very efficient means of connecting to FTP.  I created a new folder for the Database files and dragged the new files across.  This was greeted by a obscure message from Windows Server 2003:

"Your current security settings do not allow you to download files from this location"

Google wasn't particularly helpful either.

The solution? Simply navigate iexplorer to the FTP location and attempt to download the files from here.  This will bring up the Security Message - with a difference... This one allows you to add the FTP location to the authorised list.


trusted1 said...

Thanks dude... this problem had dogged me the whole morning. Exacly the same thing. trying to migrate from an old machine to a new Windows Server 2003 SBS installation and couldn't ftp stuff to it when connected via remote desktop.

I had already added the sites list to the trusted site, but was still getting the error. I don't know why that did not work, but doing it your way certainly worked.


MikeB said...

Awesome, this worked for me. Thanks.