Monday, 4 August 2008

Who Am I?

In the famous words of derek zoolander....  "Who am I?"

I am a 20 something (1979.... 29 still counts!) programmer living in Adelaide Australia.  I am recently married to my beautiful wife Carol.

Oh and my name is Andrew Harry.

I have an ancient degree in computers (Applied Science) from 1999.  The degree was something of a watered down Computer Science (less maths heavy) with a practical knowledge focus.

This was just when the .dot com crashed occurred.  The world came to the sudden and ugly conclusion that making money online isn't as easy as everyone had dreamed.

I also was disillusioned with my degree having spent more than a couple of late nights trying to find why my code was broken!

I ended up working for a drafting consulting service for 4-5 years in the petro-chem industry.

Quickly I discovered multiple uses for my programming skills in the form of VBA scripts inside of AutoCAD.  And also integrating databases with drawings.

in 2006 I moved from Melbourne to Adelaide to work for my older brother's small Internet business.  Since this move I have actively pursued programming as a profession.

I have a background in Graphic Design, and when I stumbled upon Microsoft Web Developer Express I was very excited at the possibilities.

Anyway... I should actually get some lunch.

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